Yet another talk about Clean Code

It’s been a while since I last wrote a post, but here I am – refreshed, re-energized and in a perfect spring mood. And what a better way to celebrate the passing of winter than holding another speech about clean code? So that’s what I did.

Together with a colleague and friend of mine, we took part in yet another Musala Soft MUFFIN seminar about writing cleaner code, handling day-to-day development activities and performing well as programmers. As a continuation of the Clean Code topic we started during the 2016 MUFFIN seminar organized by Musala, we gave theoretical know-hows, as well as shared many practical examples from our experience as software engineers to show the public how the process of creation of clean and beautiful code can be mastered. We put the stress on the fact that the cleaner code a developer writes, the less maintenance work in the future he or she will have to do. So, the activity of writing code was shown from the perspective of something beautiful a programmer has to design while putting some extra effort so that an investment is done in his/her own work in the future (i.e. no time would be wasted for code refactoring further ahead).

Clean Code Seminar - Second Performance - Public

Me presenting during the¬†second edition of Musala Soft’s clean code seminar. Photo credit: Musala Soft MUFFIN Conference @ Facebook

It was great fun sharing again my view about how important writing clean code is and why it is a matter of professional survival for developers. I’ll be waiting¬†for you at the next Musala Soft MUFFIN seminar!



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