Why music is the best supporter…

Okay, now you know who I am and why this blog is dedicated to technology. What’s left for clarification is what’s my connection with music in general and why I believe music is our best supporter.

First of all, the “piano connection” – it happened almost by accident many years ago. I was a six-year-old child and, typically, I was always willing to go and play outside. That was perfect for the summer season, as well as for the warm parts of the spring and autumn. But you know – in the freezing winter days you cannot let your kid play outside during the whole day. Put this together with the smaller amount of daylight and you’ll come to my parents’ conclusion – “we have to find some occupation for this kid!”

As our family owned an old piano (produced in the beginning of the twentieth century) and, actually, still owns it, my parents decided to enroll me in a piano course at a local musical school. At the very beginning I found my new activity pretty boring – you push some keys with your fingers, repeat this simple movements a thousand times and hear just tones without any actual music coming out. You don’t have to be a little kid to declare this a real boredom!

Goetze Upright Piano

Our family owns such a Goetze upright piano, produced in 1928 and having once lived in a German bar before coming to my family.

However, with time passing, played tone by played tone, I began to fall for playing the piano. After two or three years, I found out I could play random tunes by ear. This was the point where I started playing the piano just for fun, just because. With the years I accumulated the necessary skills I needed, while my passion for music grew more and more.

Later during my life, I made a turn which pushed me in the realm of IT (and that’s what primarily occupies me nowadays), leaving less time for piano playing. However, music still remains a fellow traveler during my day-to-day activities. I’m the kind of person who, while working, listens to music, while relaxing – listens to music, and while doing other activities – just whistles a random song. I can’t actually recollect a single moment without a song being played in my mind. And yes, I strongly believe that this music supports me 24/7 and enlivens even the rainiest days!

So, my other passion besides technology is music and yes – both of them interweave happily in my life. My words are clear – use music to relax yourself during the day, it is the best supporter. It helps for sure and it can definitely make serious stuff look not that serious.

Make use of music!