My IT Conference Autumn 2017


I know it’s been a really long time since I last posted here, but I’ve been busy…really busy. And if you are wondering what I was doing in the last several months, I can tell you what engaged me the most – getting prepared for the two conferences I had applied for during the summer – Musala Soft’s Muffin Conference Sofia 2017 and the reknowned Innovations in Software Technologies and Automation (ISTA) Conference 2017.

What I can say in short? Well, both events were pretty interesting and engaging, as well as triggered the passion of, I hope, all the participants. During both conferences I held a lecture with a co-lecturer from Musala Soft, which was something pretty new to me – so far I had only gone on the IT-conference stage on my own.

Muffin 2017 Lecture

Muffin 2017 – Lecture on topic “Code Quality – the way to achieve it”

So, prsenting with someone else is real fun – I can state this for sure. The reason is that no matter how much time both of you spend training the lecture scenario you have arranged, improvisation always comes into play and makes the lecture unique and quite different from what you had initially planned. The result of all this – happy public, which, after all, is what a lecture has to aim for.

What about the lectures themselves? The lecture I held during the Muffin Conference Sofia 2017 was called “Code Quality – The way to achieve it” and it came as a natural continuation of the Clean Code sessions I held in 2016. This time, however, the aim of the topic was not to mention pure clean code writing guidelines, but what tools and methodologies exist which can be applied out-of-the-box in order to improve the quality of our code. We concerned static analyzers, peer reviews and summarized how these can be utilized together with the best clean code practices in order to achieve outstanding code quality.

Furthermore, the lecture I held during the ISTA Conference 2017, entitled “Overcoming the diversity of smart devices”, had quite a different purpose, though. Diving deeply into the hot topic of IoT, the lecture revealed my and my colleague’s vision for overcoming the immense diversity of connected devices on the IoT market from the perspective of developers. Having gained massive experience working with connected devices from our daily activities, we busted the myths of device integration simplicity and demonstrated the current complexity of the IoT device market and service providers.

ISTA Conference 2017

ISTA Conference 2017 – Lecture on topic “Overcoming the diversity of smart devices”

In other words, we showed how entangled manufacturers and service providers are and gave practical advice how this immense diversity can be overcome from the perspective of a developer or entrepreneur who intends to integrate certain devices into their platform.

Finally, apart from the two conferences, I gave a talk at the World Education Fair 2017 in Sofia and shared some valuable advice on what is the best way to become part of the IT sphere. Many school graduates attended the forum to learn more about prospective educational opportunities. I shared valuable advice on how to act in real business environment and what is the best way to approach an interview, as well as emphasized on the importance of preparation for technical interviews while putting the stress on the fact that logical thinking is a much better approach than learning technical stuff by heart.

So, it used to be a pretty overloaded, interesting and inspiring autumn for me! What comes next? Christmas holidays and relaxation, but not only! Stay tuned for future 2018 events, buddies!

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