Bulgarian app makes your pictures look like painted by Picasso

Recently a new mobile app went out – it’s called Lucid and what it does in essence is transform any picture chosen by you into a piece of art. The application uses an innovative artificial intelligence technology which is responsible for the metamorphosis of a simple photo you have captured with your phone into a picture taken out from the Louvre museum.

Lucid Pictures Application

Lucid gives you the eyes and hand of an artist, so that you can see how your home, for example, would look like if it were painted by a world-famous modernist. Photo credit: www.todaytech.eu

The app is created by two enthusiastic software engineers from Bulgaria who already have one successful startup behind them and Lucid is their new project into which they are putting all their effort and experience. The quintessential feature of the application is it gives the user the ability to apply not just any visual effect, but a bunch of picturesque styles typical for some of the great names in the world of art such as Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh onto any possible picture.

Lucid App

The Lucid App in action. Photo credit: www.lucid.pictures

The guys have developed a complex algorhythm which, because of their interest and knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks, makes the app capable of processing an 8-megapixel image in less than 30 seconds (I tried it myself and I was amazed by the quality and the speed of the image processing).

If we think about it, the idea behind the app is pretty cool and, actually, makes it quite addictive! An interesting fact is that after you apply the visual filters over numerous photos in a row, you begin to try looking through the eyes of the artist whose style you intend to brush before you have even taken the photo. Usability is pretty straightforward, though – the user uploads a photo from their gallery and selects the style to be applied to the photo. After the image gets painted by the app and is ready, a notification is received, denoting the user can go back and admire the result of the fresh and beautiful artwork.

The team behind the application have planned to extend it in the future, adding functionalities such as making artistic clips which are fully “painted” in the given artist’s style. The business model chosen for the app allows users to have all the app’s functionalities at their disposal for free, while additional payment is required only if you want to get the images in high resolution and with the app’s name stamp absent. Furthermore, the app is provided with a hall-of-fame-like gallery, where your artworks can shine and be admired by the other users and I’m pretty glad with this ability, since it is a prerequisite for making the app a future social media, probably even better than Instagram (this possible competition could be awesome).

No matter if you feel excited about classic and modern art or not, you have to try the app out. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms, so you can simply go ahead to www.lucid.pictures, download it and start transforming your photos into art diamonds. Wish you a pleasant time spent feeling like van Gogh!


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