Building the future of IoT with QIVICON and Musala Soft

We all know IoT is a hot topic nowadays – really everybody in the realm of IT rustles around talking about connected devices and machine-to-machine communication. Furthermore, the ideas of making your home smart are growing faster and faster and big manufacturers are trying to fulfill the customers’ desire for smarthome devices at a steady pace, thus flooding the market with whatever smart and connected you would probably like to place at home – ovens, climate control systems, lighting appliances, heating regulation devices, smart door locks, window contacts, cameras and so on.

So, in the present day, you can equip your home with different kinds of smart devices and the choice between manufacturers and models is already immense. However, there is a catch in the whole picture – hardly a fraction of these devices are compatible with each other. In other words, if you have bought a smart lighting system and a connected thermostat for controlling the heating from different vendors, the chance you have to use separate mobile applications (together with different credentials of course) for each of the devices is pretty high. And if you have more connected devices at home, wouldn’t it be a real mess to control every single one of them separately and, more importantly, how can we even call such smart devices “connected” since they are only connected to the network infrastructure of the vendor, but are not interconnected between each other?

At this truly tricky point, it’s QIVICON that comes to the rescue! But what’s it all about?

QIVICON is an innovative platform provided by Deutsche Telekom which is based on open-source technologies and aims to provide a flexible, comfortable and easy-to-use environment that integrates a great amount of smart devices you may want to have at home, giving you the ability to simply control them remotely and constantly monitor their state at the touch of a hand.

QIVICON Platform

The QIVICON platform. Photo credit:

The platform’s slogan – “Many devices, one Home Base – it’s app to you” – actually says it all – QIVICON allows users to stay connected to a great list of smart devices stamming from different brands wherever and whenever they need to.

Me and my professional colleagues at Musala Soft are deeply engaged in the development of the QIVICON platform, thus we contribute to the platform’s evolution by the day, as well as help for the expansion of IoT worldwide. If you find five spare minutes, you can have a look and discover more details about how we at Musala Soft build the future of IoT with QIVICON in the following video! I promise your interest and attention will stay attracted throughout the whole film! Happy watching!

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