Brilliant: WiFi creds from airports around the world

We have all been there – being at an airport while our flight is delayed or we have a time gap between our connection flights, the duty-free shops seeming way too expensive resulting in us having lot of time to kill. We go around, play the piano (because nowadays there is a grand piano at almost every airport I have visited) and finally sit down and wait…for ages…

At that point, we usually take out our smartphones or tablets or whatever can entertain us and pray that somewhere around there is a free wireless network to connect to. However, it often happens that finding such a hotspot is pretty hard (or even impossible).

This is why the computer engineer Anil Polat decided to make a present for the mankind by collecting the wireless network passwords at the airports around the world and nicely putting them on an always-up-to-date map, thus giving us the ultimate WiFi hotspot access!

Polat, who is an active blogger and a software security engineer, stated in his blog that his goal is to visit all countries in the world and, while being on the way, help other people travel more intelligently, conveniently and simply have more fun. He shared his map and also wrapped it inside an (absolutely justified) paid mobile application (WiFox) so that it can be used at the touch of a hand. He also urges other travelers to contribute to the map and has created a how-to guide for obtaining wireless network passwords, so you can do it too!

Here is the place to give a little hint from me as well – many airports provide paid wireless networks which, however, give you free access for content of size up to 20 megabytes (can be 50 at some places) which is fairly enough for you to check your email and facebook, as well as read some articles. Just pay attention to have turned off the option that triggers your application updates upon wireless network connection establishment – I guarantee your free amount of megabytes for browsing will be gone in seconds if you forget to do so (I actually once suffered like that).

Here is Polat’s map itself, containing hotspot access credentials as well as other related network information, so, enjoy and have a fun rather than boring wait the next time you check-in too early at the airport!

You can also use this URL for bookmarking the map.



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