About me

Hi there! My name is Alexander Kostadinov and I’m the author sitting behind the Sandroid Blog, signed as Alex. If you are still confused about the name of the blog, here’s a real fact for you:

“Sandroid” was a word composed by a colleague of mine who wanted to do a joke with me (because the word contains a local Bulgarian variation of my name) and did a mixture of my name and the world-famous Android OS. After some time, I actually liked the new word and decided to use it as a domain name.

The Author

The author feeling cool about new technologies

So, you can recognize this blog as the place which is denoted to give air to my ideas, activities and, most important of all, knowledge and experience. This is my spot where I want to share everything that concerns me, but – keep in mind – in a technical and interesting manner. In other words, you won’t find anything considering gardening here, but if you are curious how you can create a cheap smart device which can detect if you have accidentally left the window in the kitchen open – you are welcome!

And what about me in detail?

I’ve been working professionally as a software engineer for several years now and I’ve got a master degree in computer science (I know, the latter sounds booooring…) but, most of all, I’m a person passionate about gadgets, connected devices, development programming technologies (modern ones in general) and the concept of the Internet of Things. Whenever I have a device with some wires sticking out of it which provides some kind of API or can be programmed, I’m in!

Aside from the technical stuff, I’m a passionate piano player (for many years now, probably around twenty) and I love music being with me all the way. If you decide to have a deeper glimpse over the content of this blog, you will probably get the notion of this hobby of mine anyway.

So, I wish you pleasant time spent here and

happy reading!