ISTA Conference 2017
Hola! I know it’s been a really long time since I last posted here, but I’ve been busy…really busy. And if you are wondering what I was doing in the last several months, I can tell you what engaged me the most – getting prepared for the two conferences I […]

My IT Conference Autumn 2017

Yamaha YDP-143
Yep, I finally did it – I fulfilled one of my biggest childhood dreams and bought myself a digital piano! It’s a Yamaha YDP-143 bundle and…it’s white! As Yamaha state, the instrument makes use of the world-famous Yamaha Pure CF Sound Engine and features 88 graded hammer down keys. This […]

I bought a Yamaha digital piano!

Valve intelligent operation 2
As we know, in the present day, we are all talking about the digitalization of everything and, if we think for a minute, there is hardly anything around us that has still not undergone the process of digitizing. This fact, on the other hand, is absolutely valid for automobiles as […]

Petrol engine with diesel economy – is it possible?

Clean Code Seminar - Second Performance
It’s been a while since I last wrote a post, but here I am – refreshed, re-energized and in a perfect spring mood. And what a better way to celebrate the passing of winter than holding another speech about clean code? So that’s what I did. Together with a colleague […]

Yet another talk about Clean Code

Presentation Skills
As we know, presenting is an essential part of the communication between human beings. We already live in a world topped-up with information and it is a must that, at certain times, we present some fraction of this information in front of other people in order to make this exact […]

Presentation Skills 101

WiFi Hotspot
We have all been there – being at an airport while our flight is delayed or we have a time gap between our connection flights, the duty-free shops seeming way too expensive resulting in us having lot of time to kill. We go around, play the piano (because nowadays there is a grand […]

Brilliant: WiFi creds from airports around the world

Clean Code Session 3
We’re back on the topic of clean code. In the previous articles we expressed our motivation towards writing clean code, as well as gave the first portion of practical advice considering naming, methods, comments and formatting. This time, inside our final clean code session, we are going to have a look […]

Clean Code Session 3: Classes, Objects, Errors & Testing

Clean Code Session 2
Hello everybody, once again we are on the topic of clean code and how to begin writing beautiful code. In the previous article – Clean Code Session 1: Bad Code & Motivation – I explained my motivation why keeping your code clean is vital and what you need to re-think […]

Clean Code Session 2: Naming, Methods & Formatting

Clean Code 1: Bad code and motivation
The year is 2016. Everyday, we – people – wake up, have breakfast, go to work, come back home, go to bed and sleep. This is a typical day put shortly. But there is something more than that – throughout such a normal, regular daily routine, almost all of our activities are […]

Clean Code Session 1: Bad Code & Motivation

Internet over the Earth
Today, 23 August 2016, the world has an occasion to celebrate, as it’s 25 years since the world’s first website became freely available and could be visited by the open public – an event that dramatically changed the landscape of digital information and transformed the way communication and resource transfer are performed […]

Celebrating 25 years of World Wide Web

Philips Hue. Photo credit:
As we know, the smarthome market is already flooded with devices which you can buy and cram into your house or apartment, but, if I asked you the question: “If you were to begin making your home smart, what would the first smart device you buy be?”, what would you answer? Quite […]

The idea behind ambient lighting and Philips Hue

Lucid Pictures Application
Recently a new mobile app went out – it’s called Lucid and what it does in essence is transform any picture chosen by you into a piece of art. The application uses an innovative artificial intelligence technology which is responsible for the metamorphosis of a simple photo you have captured with […]

Bulgarian app makes your pictures look like painted by Picasso

Recently, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, or simply IEEE, published an article which ranks the presently existing programming languages according to their popularity. IEEE claim to have created the 2016 ranking using 12 metrics from 10 sources and have also given the user the ability to switch between ranking modes (such […]

The most popular programming languages for 2016

Client-server communication
If you are truly into development and, especially, into web development, you definitely know what HTTP requests and responses are and how client-server communication is performed. However, in the present day, “classic” (i.e. regular) HTTP request/response traffic is just part of the whole picture of client and server communication and there […]

In short: Client-server communication methods explained

We all know IoT is a hot topic nowadays – really everybody in the realm of IT rustles around talking about connected devices and machine-to-machine communication. Furthermore, the ideas of making your home smart are growing faster and faster and big manufacturers are trying to fulfill the customers’ desire for […]

Building the future of IoT with QIVICON and Musala Soft

Have you ever changed the localization properties of your browser? Well, if you haven’t, don’t worry, because until recently I hadn’t done that either. However, due to some specific activities and testing I needed to perform, I had to switch my browser’s language (a.k.a. localization) to German (respectively DE-de). I […]

How to best detect browser localization?

Newbie contributor advices
I should admit it – I am a strong supporter of the open-source community and I strongly stay behind the ideas of open source. I know – open-source projects are harder to maintain, because anybody can contribute and thus add changes to the code base. But anyway, revealing the source […]

13 tips for newbie open-source contributors

Auth Logo
Hard times have arrived. And I’m talking seriously now. Let me introduce you to a simple game – try to count how many services that you use throughout the Internet require that you authenticate by inputting a password. Just begin looping them in your mind…my Facebook…and LinkedIn…the banking account…and the other […]

The possible future of online authentication

International Space Station. Photo credit:
Far, far away beyond the coast of New Zealand, deep down into the most remote Pacific waters, a unique “graveyard” is located – the place where the most expensive technics, built by man, is buried. This tiny spot on the World Map is located in the southern part of the […]

Where will the International Space Station end its life?
SONOS. Have you heard about it? Have a look over the word again. No matter if you read it from left to right or vice versa, it always says SONOS. Moreover, it traces its roots back to the Latin word “sonus” which means “sound, pitch”. Have you got any clue now? Yes, we are […]

My experience with SONOS and its PLAY:1

It’s here! Part two of our development project for the creation of an indoor temperature gauge based on Arduino! Inside the previous article we covered the topic of creating the interface in terms of design and visual functionalities. Now, however, it’s time to have a deeper look over the server […]

Indoor temperature gauge, Part 2: The Server Side

Yesterday, while browsing the Smashing Magazine website, I came upon a pretty interesting article called “Hardware Hacking With JavaScript” which discusses the topic how to get started building your own IoT device infrastructure using JavaScript. I gained inspiration from the article and decided to (simplify their solution, try and) use JavaScript for […]

Indoor temperature gauge, Part 1: The Interface

A week ago, just before I was going to set off on a short one-day trip in my Citroen C4, I decided to do a full light check and verify if all of the car’s lights work (because I got a message for a faulty front side lamp). I knew that the […]

Why our modern(ish) cars don’t like LEDs?

Recently, while doing some usual front-end stuff around, I flew into a situation which (surprisingly to me) I had never encountered. It was a simple form for image upload and, after interacting with it, I realized I needed to have live-preview of the image that has just been attached to the […]

How-To: Simple JavaScript image preview

Two months ago, in a moment when I had some free time to spend, I was rustling around Kickstarter’s technology section when I came upon this little fellow – the C.H.I.P $9 computer. Produced by Next Thing Co., the device offers extraordinary performance for its price tag of just nine US […]

Awaiting the world’s first $9 computer